How it all began

One day in 2002, I was out in the bush prospecting for gold along one of the old miner’s reef lines in Victoria. As I was walking along with my gold detector, I had what was to become a life-changing event!  ...

my daily meals

A Simple message for Everyone.
EAT lots and lots of Fiber. How much is a lot?
It is pretty safe to say that I eat at least 3 to 4 times more Fiber than the average person that I know eats.
In fact I probably would eat 5 to 6 times as much.


PS If you would like to get some recipes just send us a message – we have lots!

Why is it Important to Eat Breakfast Everyday? We recommend Muesli or Oats Porridge for bowel health. We are big fans of homemade muesli or cooking porridge for a low fat, high protein and high fiber breakfast meal. The main reasons are to break the fast over night, to fuel the body for the days activities, to […]Read more

Myth or Fact? Lunch on the run is always a challenge! Lunch should be tasty, prepared in advance and be varied to avoid the easy takeaway options which lack nutrition and fiber. Why not experiment with many types of wholegrain breads, legumes such as chick peas, rice, salad fillings and mixed nuts with your salads to […]Read more

Howdy, Myth or Fact? When it comes to a healthy Bowel there is just 3 things to remember:- Fiber, Fiber and Fiber. This thought may not be that inspiring at a first glance but critical to bowel health for many reasons (see our post on Bad gut bacteria) . Many Hi Fiber foods are delicious (think […]Read more

Research & answers

Through the worst of experience and health problems we believe in the Goal to self educate. To us research is key to turning your health around. We read research papers, books and online articles basically everyday. It has been a journey of self-discovery as well as pain. We test and try out what we read and it is important to develop critical thinking on bowel health information. Now we want to share and help others. We do hope our website helps you.

Kerrie and DJ

Solutions to Common Digestive Problems are not easy to find! Everything I learned about the body’s digestive systems, common digestive problems and real life solutions to good bowel health is covered in my eBook. The eBook by DJ covers the following: the critical steps I took to get back to health; the “How to Guide” for […]Read more
Bad GUT Bacteria Symptoms and Solutions This ABC Catalyst TV show is an amazing video. We cannot recommend more highly that you watch this to learn all about good and bad gut bacteria. We have all heard about stomach bacteria but this research and story is amazing. You will not want to miss this educational […]Read more
Learn about the Benefits of a Hi Fiber Diet! Copy this link into your browser to be taken directly to the video  and watch it for a its amazing information! We hear about the need to eat a hi fiber diet for bowel health and bowel movement and we learn how to achieve a whole new level […]Read more

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